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Welcome To Animed Pet Hospital

We care for pets…and people!

Since 1993 Animed Pet Hospital has been striving to provide exceptional care and treatment for your pets.  Specializing in cats and dogs, Dr. Will Salter, DVM, offers a veterinary clinic where both you and your pet can feel comfortable and confident about being a member in preventative care.  Whether you’re in for your pet’s routine check-up or an unexpected medical condition arises, Animed Pet Hospital is ready to handle your pets needs.  

The staff at Animed knows the importance of the human-pet bond. Our practice philosophy has always extended beyond the pet to include the human family.  In many cases, we are involved with our patients from birth to death, a situation rarely encountered by physicians. Our unique position makes us acutely aware of the strong attachments we have to our pets.  Evidence of the human-pet bond stretches as far back as a fossil of an 11,000 year-old woman holding a dog in her arms at the time of her death. 

To get started, we invite you to check out the What to Expect section and tour of our veterinary hospital, then contact our veterinary team if you have questions, or simply schedule an appointment.

We look forward to meeting you and your pets!


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